Book Review of “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”

It’s probably indecent, really, to find a book about the end of the world so funny. Yet, Douglas Adam’s voice carries the reader through the uproarious adventure that is Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy with such an offhanded irreverence that you really can’t help but laugh. He treats fundamentally important and weighty questions about existence with such a nihilistic humor that you can no longer take yourself seriously.

It opens with Arthur, an average everyman, laying down in his driveway on a Thursday morning to stop a yellow bulldozer from demolishing his house. Little does he realize, there is a massive yellow spaceship above the earth, poised to destroy it. Thanks to his friend, who turns out to be an alien, he is the lone survivor of earth’s destruction, and has to “hitchhike” his way around the universe.

As much as the ideas presented probably should offend people who believe in an All-Knowing Creator, the sanctity of life, and divine purpose, the style is undeniably delightful to read. I would be sure to advise anyone to read it with caution, though, because the ideas–through presented in a humorous light–will take hold and begin to influence one’s thinking.


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