Spoken Word Poetry

“If I was a cow (moo)

If I was a cow being led to the slaughterhouse (moo?)

I would try to kiss you one last time

Before my lips were mulched into wieners.”

-Shane Koyczan

This guy’s weird. He’s got a neck beard. I first heard his poetry–spoken word poetry at all, actually–during the opening ceremony for the Vancouver Olympics. After that, it was Anis Mojgani at a TWLOHA event, telling the fat girls and the ones amendments do not stand up for and the people who go on vacations alone: to shake the dust.

From there, it was Sarah Kay. The first I heard was a little number called “Love Letter From a Toothbrush to a Bike Tire.” Full of metaphors and figures of speech, adorable in its accusations.

“You were full of hot air.”

“They said you would tread all over me.”

But it’s not even her best.

Look up “B,” the version on TedTalks.

Look up “Postcards,” “Brother,” and “Peacocks.”

And, once you’ve fallen sufficiently in love, check out her stuff with Phil Kaye.



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